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Blood on the Saddle

In the blazing heat of a West Texas sun, Jake Donovan finds himself drawn into a no-win gunfight--a mistake that drives him from the small town of Matadero in a cloud of dust and doubt.

When he returns, fifteen years later, he discovers a band of vicious outlaws has seized control of the town, gripping it in a spell of terror and destruction.

With time running out, Jake must confront the specters of the past, the woman he once loved--and the worst killers West Texas has ever known.

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The Comanche's Ghost

The bone-chilling shriek on an Indian specter ripped through the night, bringing terror to the Circle GP ranch and the small town of Deadmore, Texas--an already terrified town, wherein a ruthless businessman is bent on gaining control. So when Park Hanson, manhunter, rides in, hunting the outlaw who destroyed his life, he gets more than he bargained for--much more.

Caught in a tangle of nightmare and hidden motives, Park must unravel the secret of the glowing white apparition, and save the Circle GP before it falls into the hands of a vicious killer.

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Blood Pass

From the midnight depths of the frozen north comes a maniacal marshal locked in a bloody battle of the past. With his murderous Eskimo deputy, he grips the Alaskan settlement of Stewell Pass in a spell that threatens terror and sudden death.

Ex-range detective Jim Duran has had enough of progress and an increasingly tamed West. But when he signs on with the Peacemaker Society for the final mission of his career, he gets more than he bargained for--a fiery Crow Indian bent on avenging a murder, a bone-freezing journey over a desolate white desert of treacherous ice and snow, and an insane dictator who threatens to plunge the United States into another Civil War.

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The West Witch

The notorious Black Hood Bandits swarmed through the West in a blaze of murder and dynamite--until a fatal mistake on a million-dollar robbery ended their murderous spree for good. When east coast detective Quinton Hilcrest journeys west on a shoestring and a prayer, seeking the bandits' lost fortune in jewels, he finds the Black Hood legacy alive and deadly in the backwoods town of Hags Bend.

Within hours he is fighting for his life, ensnared in a tangle of hidden motives with a vengeful bargirl--and a beautiful outcast the town claims is a witch! Can he save the young woman from the hands of an angry mob before time runs out? Or will he disappear into legend with the bandits, or be caught in the spell of the west witch?

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Duel Winston, bounty hunter, was at the end of the line. Weary of endless days on the trail and the constant threat of sudden death, he decided on the final bounty of his career before he called it quits and returned to the woman he loved. But things don't go the way he planned.

John Barlow was a ruthless killer the likes of which the West had never known. Lured to the dust-caked, snake-infested remains of Tumbleweed, the ghost town that bore silent witness to Barlow's reign of terror, Duel Winston finds himself trapped in a life or death battle that threatens to send him into retirement--permanently.

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Ghost-town Duel

The Peña gang ravage the south-west, plundering and killing with impunity. Until, that is, they kill Ben Morrison's brother for a fortune in rubies. Ben considers himself a used-up ex-lawman, but desperate for revenge, he calls on ex-manhunter, Duel Winston, for help.

Duel, however, has settled into a peaceful life of ranching and is reluctant to risk his new-found happiness. Until the ghosts of the past come a-haunting, forcing him to strap on his Peacemaker and take to the trail again.

Trapped in a hellish town with a band of ruthless hardcases, Duel finds himself locked in a bitter struggle just to stay alive. And the showdown on the horizon promises to send him into retirement--permanently!

Status: Sold out

The Gallows Ghost

An innocent man hanged for a crime he didn't commit goes to his grave swearing revenge on all present. Then a "ghost" in a black duster and skull face terrorizes the Texas Panhandle, exacting the hanged man's revenge.

When Luke Banner rides into the Circle H ranch compound he finds himself embroiled in a triangle of eerie happenings, jealous vendettas and plain old-fashioned cattle rustling. One by one the members of the Forester Cattlemen's Association are murdered right under his nose and a rancher's beautiful daughter is threatened.

Can Banner discover the shocking secret of the Texas Plains, or will he too become another victim of the Gallows Ghost?

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The Widow Maker

Led by a vicious hardcase who kills only men, the murderous Widow Gang plunders the rugged wilds of Wyoming Territory, striking terror into the heart of the West. Death, destruction and devastated widows follow in their wake.

Until manhunter Steve Matthews takes up their trail, that is. But when he signs on to the final case of his short career he gets far more than he expects. Attacked by "Indians", shadowed by past vendettas and joined by a beautiful Chinese woman, Steve winds up fighting for his life and struggling to save an entire town from destruction.

Bruised, battered and broken, can he halt the outlaws' onslaught or will he too become another victim of The Widow Maker?

Status: Available in large print edition from Amazon UK and Ulverscroft.

Guns of the Past

The day Matt Brenner pulled a Peacemaker on Luther Hinton and left the Scarred L Gang he never looked back--except in nightmares. Haunted by the specter of past deeds, he settled into the life of a peaceful farmer in the breathtaking Colorado wilds.

But the past has a way of catching up to a man and Luther Hinton is an outlaw who never leaves a score unsettled.

Aided by a beautiful former slave, Matt fights for his very life when the gang invades the idyllic town of Springhope, seeking revenge. But she has a past of her own--in the form of a vicious slave owner bent on retribution. When paths converge the combination proves explosive and lethal.

Can Matt Brenner escape the menace of the Hinton Gang and save the woman he loves? Or will he become the victim of his own mistakes?

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Tinhorn gamblers meet their doom in a darkened alley behind the saloon, attacked by a mysterious killer who cleans out their winnings.

Reluctantly, Marshal J.D. Phips takes up the case, finding a trail of broken bodies that somehow ties in with the mysterious disappearance of a rancher and his Indian daughter. But he gets more than he bargains for when he encounters a murderous hardcase, a greedy hurdy-gurdy girl and a fiesty young horse breeder.

Caught in a web of danger, dust and deception, J.D. finds himself next on the killer's list. Not he must make a life or death decision--while the life of the woman he loves hangs in the balance!

Status: Sold out.

The Last Draw

Summoned to the small town of Bellstar, Colorado, by a mysterious, unsigned telegram, manhunter Luke Banner finds himself embroiled in a puzzling series of attemps on his life. Plunged into the deadliest case of his long career, he faces two mysteries: who wants him dead? And why? With more enemies than he can count, the prospects are many, and impossible to narrow down.

A murderous gang terrorizes the territory, plundering and murdering with impunity, and when the owner of an imperiled stage line tried to hire Banner, the manhunter has more trouble on his hands than he bargained for. But is the gang somehow connected with the reason his life is in jeopardy?

Tortured by visions of the past, Luke Banner finds himself tangled in a web of deceit and vicious motives. Will this be his final case, the last draw?

Status: Available Amazon UK, Amazon, Ulverscroft.

The Deadly Doves

A murderous band of saloon girls strikes terror into the heart of a small New Mexico town, robbing and killing and leaving its victims scalped and branded with the mysterious symbol.

Ex-manhunter Zachary Taylor Revere is fed up with his routine life as town marshal and the mundane tasks of running a small ranch and settling down with a family. All this is soon to change and he finds himself embroiled in the most dangerous case of his career.

Following a trail of bodies and stolen stock, he finds himself getting far more than he bargained for. Within days the menace draws a noose of terror about his life and threatens the lives of his family, a local rancher, and a beautiful saloon girl desperate for his help.

Can his face the demons of his past in time to unravel the mystery and save innocent lives? Or will he become the next victim of the deadly doves?

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The Devil's Peacemaker

From the darkest reaches of the Wild West comes a renegade manhunter carrying an ornate gun called the Devil's Peacemaker. Hired by a ruthless cattle baron bent on controlling the terrritory, Vinton Stroud leaves a trail of bodies, blood and bullets.

When Jim Sutter rides into Holliday looking to settle down and leave his job of manhunting behind, he quickly finds himself embroiled in a life or death struggle. After coming to the aide of a beautiful rancher's daughter seeking to avenge her father's death at the hands of Stroud, he discovers himself next on the vicious mankiller's list.

Lured to a sizzling showdown in the dusty deserted streets of Eldorado, the woman he loves held prisoner in a ghost-town House of Usher, Jim faces the greatest--and possibly final--test of his career. Can he overcome the menace of Vinton Stroud--or will he become just another victim of the Devil's Peacemaker?

Status: Sold out. Harcover available from author.

The West Wolf

A killer stalks the dusty streets of Wolf's Bend, murdering beneath the light of an Apache moon, its victims are all torn apart as if by some vicious animal. Is it the work of man or beast--or something entirely worse?

A pair of outlaw brothers bent on discovering a secret hidden on a widow's ranch will stop at nothing to reach their evil ends. One, a newspaper owner wielding a poison pen, spreads fear and prejudice while the other, a half-wit hardcase with a penchant for violence, incites peaceful townsfolk into an enraged vigilante mob.

When manhunter Tom Hogan, a man haunted by the mistakes of his past, returns to the once peaceful town he finds himself caught in a web of murder, menace and mayhem. Within hours the shadowy marauder is on his trail, its chilling howl rising in the moon-glazed Colorado night.

Can Tom overcome his own demons, unravel the mystery and save the life of a beautiful half-breed, or will he become the final victim of the West Wolf?

Status: Available from,, and author.

The Phantom Marshal

When the Gauvin brothers invaded the small New Mexican town of Blazewood they did so with a vengeance. They bought into the saloon and cattle industry and seized control of the territory.

Then Marshal Print Madsen hanged their youngest brother.

In an act of brutal retaliation, the Gauvins murder the deputy and drag the marshal to the river, beating him beyond recognition and leaving him to the buzzards.

But they didn't do the job of killing Print Madsen well enough. For he returns, two years later, to exact vengeance as an eerie phantom figure dressed in black with a blazing Peacemaker and a single-minded mission--destroy the men responsible for shattering his life.

But things don't go as easy as he planned. For when he crosses paths with a beautiful headstrong ranch owner searching for her missing husband, he finds himself snared in a dangerous web of cross-motives and deception that may prove too deadly for even The Phantom Marshal...

Status: Available from , and author


Hell-bent on a spree of murder and mayhem, the infamous Juan Rubio Latorro, El Bandolero, strikes terror into the hearts of the innocent and bathes the West in blood. Unstoppable, he robs and kills with impunity, leaving a trail of broken bodies and destruction in his wake.

Until he kidnaps the daughter of a powerful rancher and gets manhunter Wade Rannigan on his trail, that is.

But Wade Rannigan is a man saddled with a death wish. Haunted by his past, he has become reckless and bitter, plagued by mistakes and foolish risks--the perfect target for a master bandit like Latorro. He soon finds himself locked in a desperate struggle to fulfill his duty and outmaneuver a villain who sees every situation as a game to be won at all costs. Within days he lies wounded and dying, at the mercy of a beautiful spitfire with a murderous mission of her own.

Can Wade Rannigan overcome the odds and his own failings and bring Latorro to justice? Or will he wind up just another victim of the deadly El Bandolero?

Status: Available from,


Led by vicious cutthroat Morgan DeFete, the Buccaneer Gang plunders the West, kidnapping innocent and fallen women alike and leaving a trail of victims in their wake. Self-styled western-day pirates, they strike terror into the hearts of their victims--the few they leave alive.

But when they snatch a railroad magnate's daughter, they go too far.

Manhunter Trace McCoy is a man tormented by the past and in no mood to be chasing down corsairs. For he is on his own mission--find the outlaw responsible for murdering his fiancée and destroying his life.

Then kill him.

But within hours of shooting dead his only lead to the killer, McCoy finds himself embroiled in a desperate struggle to save a young woman's life and bring an end to the marauders riding an ocean of mesquite and dust.

Status: Available from,


A fabled mine worth a fortune in silver leads a dying prospector and his fiery niece to the peaceful Colorado town of Silver Bluff--but things don't remain peaceful for long.

Stalked by a criminal who will stop at nothing to get his hands on untold wealth, they enlist the help of Marshal Jim Morgan, a man running from his past and gripped by the prospect of a desolate future. The three soon find themselves caught in a web of deceit, tangled motives and the schemes of a gypsy fortune teller whose cards promise death...

Status: AmazonUK,


A mysterious telegram summons manhunter John Ladigan to the peaceful Colorado town of Timmervale--only things are far from tranquil. Locked in the gilded-iron grip of the powerful and vicious Timm family, the town's residents dare not lift a finger to help a stranger nor one of their own.

Within moments of riding in, Ladigan finds himself confronted with a decision that will either impede the course of his investigation or leave a young woman in the clutches of a sadistic madman. Add to that a series of brutal murders and the disappearance of his closest kin and the manhunter winds up snared in a mystery far bigger than he ever imagined.

Can the man named Ladigan overcome the ghosts of his past and the demons of his present before it's too late? Or will he too vanish into thin air?

Status: In paperback


Johnny Laredo is a myth, a figment of a West hungry for legend, a name whispered around campfires--or so everyone thinks.

Everyone but former manhunter Jim Hannigan.

Drawn to the peaceful Colorado town of Castigo Pass in search of the outlaw for the murder of a banker's daughter, Hannigan stumbles into an ever-deepening mystery. Promptly jailed as a suspect in the vanishing of a young woman, his troubles don't end there. Concealed shooters, brutal hardcases and constant danger stalk him at every turn. Add to that a fiery young woman bent on revenge, a bargirl with shrouded motives and the dark demons of Hannigan's past and this case may just prove to be his last.

Status:  August 2005


The Past: Two years ago manhunter John Deletéreo died. Ambushed by masked killers, brought down by blazing guns, he, his wife and unborn child perished under the hot New Mexico sun, the only testament to their demise two simple graves on a hillside.

The Present: When manhunter John Deletéreo rides into the hellhole known as Payton's Bluff, seeking answers to a mystery plaguing him since birth, townsfolk think they've seen a ghost. Legend calls him Johnny Dead, a man with a skull-carved Peacemaker who delivers grim justice then vanishes into the Western night.

The Future: On a darkened trail, manhunter John Deletéreo encounters beautiful but bitter Kylie Barton, a young woman bent on revenge against the powerful Galendez family. Having sought the help of a pathological killer to avenge a brutal attack, she set in motion events that threaten to end the career of a man many claim isn't even alive...

Status:  December 2005


Revelation Pass is an enigma, Heaven by day, Hell by night. Ruled by a mercurial preacher and his "deacon" hardcases, the town endures a monthly lottery that sacrifices young women to some mysterious fate.

When a father hires former manhunter Jim Hannigan for a routine case--searching for his runaway daughter--the bounty man expects a quick mission with minimum risk to his lovely new partner--until he discovers the girl swinging from a cottonwood at the town's entrance.

Soon, buried secrets, hidden motives, and veiled murder threaten to embroil Hannigan in the most deadly case of his career, one that promises death for the very person he sought most to protect.

Status: April 2006


In the dusty streets of Miller's Pass, a killer stalks women of the night. Hiding in shadows, vanishing in the light of dawn, he butchers with impunity and in a blood frenzy.

Until Jim Hannigan and his lovely partner are called into the case by a woman from the ex-manhunter's past. But this killer is unlike any Hannigan has ever dealt with, a figure who out-maneuvers and taunts the law, leaving a trail bathed in scarlet.

Is he outlaw, ghost or one of the town's bizarre players--the violent saloon owner, the enigmatic physician or Indian animal skinner? With the lives of a lost love and his lovely partner threatened Hannigan races against time before two more victims are added to the tally of history's most notorious murderer--Jack the Ripper!

Status:  August 2006


Marshal Galen Trimble is a hero, a man who single-handedly brought down the notorious Crigger Gang and put an end to their string of robberies and what the newspapers dubbed the "scarecrow murders". But, years later, when the legendary lawman of Hollow Pass becomes the target of an unknown killer resurrecting the Scarecrow method of death, speculation runs rampant a lost Crigger brother has returned to exact revenge.

In the old days, ex-manhunter Jim Hannigan rode with Marshal Galen Trimble, but they parted ways with a strained friendship and unresolved suspicions. Now, the marshal's life threatened, an anonymous plea brings Hannigan and his lovely partner into the investigation against the lawman's wishes. Their mission: find the killer responsible for an innocent woman's vicious murder and unlock a door to the past that once opened will alter their future irrevocably.

Status:  December 2006


The circus comes to the peaceful town of Angel Pass but does it bring simple pleasure and pastime for the hard-working cowboys and wide-eyed children of the isolated community-or something far more sinister?

Fresh from a mission to discover the fate of his lovely partner's long-lost brother, faced with a series of bizarre kidnappings and jewel robberies, ex-manhunter Jim Hannigan's makes it his job to find out. But will the secrets of the past prove more disturbing than the revelations of the present?

April 2007


James Deadwood is a legend, a man with a reputation for always bringing his quarry to justice-usually in a pine box.

But within hours of riding into the hell town of Autumn Pass, an ambush leaves him a bullet-ridden corpse.

Sent to investigate the death of the "fastest gun in the West" ex-manhunter Jim Hannigan and his partner Angela del Pelado soon discover all is not as it appears. And after Deadwood's "ghost" shows up, the two are led on a trail of murder and deceit and soon in danger of becoming spirits themselves.

August 2007


Alejandro del Pelado is a convicted murderer, sentenced to hang by the neck until dead. But at his execution things go horribly awry and he escapes to terrorize an unsuspecting town.

When a mysterious telegram draws Jim Hannigan and his lovely partner Angela "Tootie" del Pelado into a twisted plot of kidnapping and revenge, the ex-manhunter begins to suspect an old enemy has come back to haunt them. Within hours of their arrival in the former silver boomtown of Widow's Pass they find themselves at the mercy of a masked killer and his deadly cronies-two dandy hardcases and a vicious gypsy-who promise to make this case Hannigan's last.

December 2007


Fifteen years ago five unruly sons of rich parents committed a heinous crime against a young Ute woman, only to walk away unpunished.

But now a ruthless killer bent on revenge is stalking those boys, murdering their wives, destroying their lives piece by piece.

After manhunter Calin Travers is mysteriously attacked, then lured under false pretenses to Sundown, Colorado, a town to which he swore he'd never return, he discovers himself face to face with old guilts and a vengeful killer who has marked him for death.


Trade paperbacks:

The Dark Riders

From the darkest reaches of the Wild West comes a terrifying band of desperados bent on a course of destruction and revenge. Led by a vicious outlaw with half a face, they are called Dark Riders, neither dead nor alive, trapped in a world of eternal darkness. They descend upon the 7HL ranch in a fury of flashing fangs and ruthless bloodlust, leaving the compound littered with bloodless bodies.

When Chris Durrin, a man stalked by death and nightmares, returns to find his uncle and all cowhands murdered, he soon realizes the devil has come to claim his due--a devil named Milus Clint.

A devil he killed six years previous.

Within hours he finds himself locked in a struggle between the world of the living and the realm of the undead. His loved ones butchered, he wages a desperate fight against the forces of darkness and the ghosts of his past. Can he overcome the menace before he too becomes one of the living dead, or will he be another in a long line of victims of The Dark Riders?

Status: available from Golden Perils Press


A vicious killer stalks the dusty streets of Mascarada, New Mexico, slicing the throats of saloon girls like some Western Day Jack the Ripper.

The Crucible Society, an organization that claims it doesn't exist, plans to tame the Wild West, but are their methods of doing so any better than those of the criminals they track down?

Johnny Hickok, a man falsely accused of murder, struggles against the demons of his past and the specter of the Pistolero within. When the Crucible Society offers him a pardon in exchange for bringing the knife killer to justice, he soon finds himself plunged into a tangle of hidden motives, danger and deception. Can he face the ghosts awaiting him on the blood-stained trail that leads straight to the woman he left behind and vanquish the Janus tearing apart his soul? Or will he fall prey to an adversary as deadly as the West has ever known?

Status: available from Golden Perils Press

The Nightmare Club #1: The Headless Paperboy

When October Williams moved to the small seaside town of New Salem, Maine, he hardly expected to be chased by the ghost of the Headless Paperboy. But New Salem is a town gripped by the supernatural where anything can happen...especially near the old bridge leading to the cemetery!

October soon learns a strange and terrifying tale. Every Halloween three children vanish as the ghost begins searching for his head. Riding a twenty-year-old bicycle and hurling flaming newspapers, the spook needs one more victim before disappearing for another year. If that weren't bad enough, the school bully wants to make sure October doesn't have a chance to escape the pedaling terror!

Together with a band of misfit kids who call themselves the Nightmare Club, a strange girl named Alliecat who wants to shove her way into the group, and a pot-bellied pig named Barnabas, he must find the Paperboy's head and put it back with the body before it's too late and he loses his own!

Status: available from Amazon, Barnes, Golden Perils Press


For retired Detective Sergeant Arlo Grimm the world has turned into a nightmare haunted by the ghosts of his past and the demons of his future. His youngest son murdered, he suddenly finds himself plunged into a frightening web of conspiracy and the supernatural.

In the small seaside town of New Salem, Maine, a horrifying menace has risen from the blackest depths of history. Renegade sorceresses from the Salem witch trials have claimed the town as their breeding ground for the hideous demon, Czcarabus. Calling themselves the Sisters of the Snake, they embark on a spree of grisly killings and terror that will bring the Dark One back into this world--unless Arlo Grimm can stop them in time.

Together with a beautiful exotic dancer named Chloe, Arlo finds himself locked in a desperate struggle of danger and dark lust. Can he resist the spell of an evil temptress and stop the Sisters from opening the doorway to Hell? Or will he become the final sacrifice to the darkness bent on devouring his very soul?

Status: available from Amazon, Barnes, Golden Perils Press

Dark Harbors

Strange and terrifying things happen in the small seacoast town of Dark Harbor, Maine.

A ghostly image in stone calls out to a lost love...

A mysterious entity rises from the sea, beckoning to a searching soul...

A living blue liquid invades a lonely widow's life...

A ghost train rears out of the misty gray morning...

A malicious entity, trapped within mirrors, reaches out to possess the living...

A distraught man discovers his girlfriend is having an affair--with a werewolf...

A mysterious ship's mirror reflects the past and spawns a deadly force...

Dark Harbors takes you on a chilling journey into the macabre. Travel through twenty-five tales of dark fantasy, haunting love and spine-tingling terror--if you dare...

Includes a 29th bonus tale of vengeful spirits and honor in the Old West...

Status: available from Amazon, Barnes, Golden Perils Press

Night Demons

Deep within the blood-drenched walls of an ancient mansion Nathan Courtwright initiates a bizarre rite that will free every depraved soul since time immemorial to prey upon the living and grant him eternal reign over the legions of the damned. The price: the sacrifice of his beloved Catherine. Halted on the verge of success, Nathan discovers the cost of failure is far greater: living interment in the family mausoleum, his demon soul consigned to a netherworld of torture and suffering for all eternity.

But when the mausoleum is torn down to make way for a new drug rehabilitation center a century later, the evil that was Nathan Courtwright evil capable of prying into its victims' deepest fears and blackest nightmares.

Haunted by images of the past and frightening visions, Paul Stanford returns to the fate-shrouded town of Dark Harbor, Maine--a town filled with sorrow and dark memories. Within days he finds himself locked in a desperate and terrifying struggle that spans a century-old feud and demonic desires. The ancient horror, reborn and all-consuming, lures him into its deadly web of deceit and lust and only he holds the key to the door of the damned—a key that will cost him the life of the woman he loves and his very soul.

A key that will fill the world with Night Demons...

available from Amazon, Barnes, Golden Perils Press

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