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Ever felt like you don't fit in with the rest of the kids around you? Ever get teased because of it? Bullied? Ever felt like you just didn't belong?

Well, now you can belong! The Nightmare Club needs YOU! Join October, Orie, Nerd, Sparks, Moose and "Alliecat" as they investigate the spooky happenings in the ghostly town of New Salem, Maine. In The Nightmare Club it doesn't matter if you are different, because everybody is--and that's just the way they like it!

But remember--keep your eyes open for ghosts and all the spooky things that go on in this town! Oh, and somebody PLEASE feed Barnabas the pig!

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You'll laugh, you'll scream, you'll pee your pants!

The author with his biggest fan!

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From Amazon: The Nightmare Club: #1 The Headless Paperboy (The Nightmare Club)

The Nightmare Club #1:

The Headless Paperboy

When October Williams moves to the small seaside town of New Salem, Maine, he hardly expects to be chased by the ghost of the Headless Paperboy. But New Salem is a town gripped by the supernatural where anything can happen...especially near the old bridge leading to the cemetery!

October soon learns a strange and terrifying tale. Every Halloween three children vanish as the ghost begins searching for his head. Riding a twenty-year-old bicycle and hurling flaming newspapers, the spook needs one more victim before disappearing for another year.

Together with a band of misfit kids who call themselves the Nightmare Club, a strange girl named Alliecat who wants to shove her way into the group, and a pot-bellied pig named Barnabas, he must find the Paperboy's head and put it back with the body before it's too late and he loses his own!


Now in trade paperback, Nook, Kindle

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From Amazon: The Nightmare Club #2: The Deadly Dragon

The Nightmare Club #2:

The Deadly Dragon

Orville “Ace T” Turner has a hard time staying out of trouble but after moving to the spooky seaside town of New Salem, Maine, he soon discovers his troubles are only just beginning. Because on the day he walks past the deserted old mansion on Tuttle Street, he sees a mysterious and terrifying sight-the ghost of the Dragon Boy!

Then when bullies from school start disappearing, Orville quickly finds himself right in the middle of a ghostly mystery. Together with a band of misfit ghost hunters who call themselves the Nightmare Club, a strange girl named Alliecat who wants to shove her way into the group and a potbellied pig named Barnabas, he must solve the riddle of the Dragon Boy’s ghost before it claims its final victim and vanishes into the night forever!


Now in trade paperback, Nook, Kindle

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From Amazon: The Nightmare Club #3: The Willow Witch

The Nightmare Club #3:

The Willow Witch

When Allie “Alliecat” Carpenter sees the New Salem Witch flying across the face of the full moon she knows the trouble is just beginning. Somebody has helped the old hag escape her grave and legend has it she must kidnap seven children in seven days to become immortal, or perish forever.

Soon, the children of New Salem begin disappearing and Allie knows the old legend is coming true. Together with a band of misfit ghost hunters who call themselves the Nightmare Club, she decides to track down the old witch and put her in her grave once and for all-if the witch doesn’t get her first!

Where everyday is Halloween!

A group of misfit kids solve supernatural mysteries but can they get along with each other long enough to survive a headless ghost? In the tradition of Goosebumps and Alvin Fernald. Follow ghost hunters Moose, Nerd, Sparks, Orie, October, Alliecat and Barnabas the potbellied pig as they chase witches and werewolves, vampires and an assortment of ghoulish ghosts in the mysterious seaside town of New Salem, Maine!
Ages 8-Adult




When October Williams moved from Philadelphia to New Salem, Maine, he never expected to be chased by the ghost of the Headless Paperboy.

At least not on his first day here.

He suddenly wished he'd never gotten the bright idea to go exploring on his bike before his mom finished cooking dinner.

But what else was there to do in a little town like this?

He never wanted to move to New Salem in the first place. He'd told his mom that over and over. Now, with the headless ghost pedaling after him, he knew more than ever he was right.

His legs pumped harder and he picked up speed. But the road leading out of town was rough, rocky, and full of ruts. His bike thumped and bounced, jarring his teeth and rattling his bones.

Dusk was invading the town. He'd lost track of time and his mother had told him to make sure he got back in half an hour, before it got dark. It was a strange town, after all, she had told him. He might get lost. This wasn't Philly where he knew every alley for blocks and played street hockey with his friends until after sundown.

Sweat trickled down his dark face. His breath staggered out in hot gasps.


He gripped the handlebars tighter, knuckles going white. He forced his legs to pedal harder. He didn't know for sure how close the headless ghost was, and he didn't dare look back to find out. He could hear the squeak-squeaking of pedals turning behind him. Faster and faster.

It was catching up!

The urge to scream almost overcame him, but October knew that wouldn't help.

All around him dead leaves swirled, kicked up by his spinning tires. A damp, decayed odor hung in the air. Shadows stretched across the rutted road, as if grasping for him. To either side rose a forest of birch, oak and maple, their leaves splashed with blazing orange, red and yellow. Thick pines and spruce rose between them. Every so often a dirt trail branched off into the woods.

Mom should have never moved to this stupid town!

He had to convince her she'd made a mistake. A huge mistake. Maybe she would listen now, especially if she knew he had been chased by a headless ghost! Or maybe she would think he was crazy or making it up just so he could move back home and live near his dad. That's what she always thought.

That squeaking!

The ghost was catching up. Panic rose in his mind. What could he do? If it were Philly he could swerve into an alley…

That gave him an idea.

Ahead, he spotted a trail leading into the forest. But where did it come out? In town? Or would it just get him trapped in the woods with no way to escape the horrible thing following him?

Take it!

The squeaking grew louder. The clattering of loose wheels on the ghost's bike sounded like bones rattling.

He yanked the handlebars sharply right. His bike sailed onto the dirt path. It left the road and hit the hard-packed ground with a teeth-jarring thud and he almost lost control and came out his seat.

Barely managing to hold on, he breathed a sigh of relief. If he had fallen the ghost would have caught him for sure.

The forest rose around him, gloomy and eerie in the dying daylight. Leaves crackled as he rode over them. Shadows puddled in gloomy dark pools.

Ears strained, he tried to catch the sound of the thing's clackety wheels and squeaky pedals.


Maybe he had lost the ghost!

No way. A ghost wouldn't just give up, would it? And it had to be a ghost because any kid without a head couldn't be alive, could he?

He wasn't positive, because, well, he'd never seen a ghost before. He wouldn't have even believed they existed if it wasn't for the fact one was chasing him.

Why does he want you?

He shivered. That was obvious, wasn't it? The ghost didn't have a head. That's what he wanted: October's head.

He shivered again.

Gulping, he chanced a glance backward.

A bleat of terror escaped his lips.

The ghost-it was right behind him! Thumping and thudding right along over the rough trail. How could it have caught up to him so fast on such an old bike? The thing was all rusty and looked at least thirty years old, with one of those weird banana seats made out of sparkling blue plastic, and flaring handlebars.

He gasped, shuddering as he got his first clear look at the ghost. It wore a dirty New Salem School jacket that hung open in the front, worn jeans, and old blue sneakers. October spotted a dirty T-shirt stained with blood at the collar where the neck should have been. Except there was no neck, just a bony jutting stump.

The spook suddenly drew back an arm and hurled something. It sailed towards October, twirling and fluttering in the air, bursting into flames as it drew closer. It shrieked past him, just missing his head.

His head twisted forward. The object had landed in a patch of old leaves and now he saw what it was-a burning bundled newspaper!

As his eyes widened in shock, the paper exploded in a spray of sparks, vanishing.

October had no time to think about it.

The front wheel of his bike hit a bulging root that jutted across the trail and he and the bike were suddenly airborne.

With all his strength he struggled to hold the handlebars steady and keep from flying off the bike. His heart thumped like a dribbled basketball.

I'm gonna crash!

The bike slammed back onto the trail. The front end skidded right, left, right again. Every bone in his body shuddered with the impact, but somehow he managed to stay on the bike and keep it arrowing forward.

Ahead the trail widened. With a burst of relief he saw it led back onto the old road. He pumped the pedals as hard as he could, panting, sweat pouring down his dark face. He couldn't let up. If he did…

He'd grown kind of attached to his head. He didn't want to give it up.

October jerked up on the handlebars and the front tire lifted to meet the pavement. The bike landed lighter this time and his speed increased the moment he hit the blacktop.

The bridge.

It lay only a few dozen yards ahead of him. This was the bridge leading into New Salem. If he could just make it across that he'd be in town. Surely the ghost wouldn't follow him there.

Would it?

He didn't dare look back to find out. He hit the bridge at full speed.

It was an old, wide wooden bridge and the boards thumped beneath his tires. Dust and leaves spewed up. He whizzed across it in record time and didn't stop pedaling until he reached an alley on the waterfront-most of New Salem was waterfront-and swerved into it.

He leaped from his bike, letting it clatter to the ground. He pressed himself against the brick wall of a building, not bothering to look into the gloom and shadows behind him. Instead, he concentrated on peeking around the corner to see if the ghost had followed.

The street was empty.

"Yes!" he almost shouted, balling his fist and shaking it. He'd escaped! He'd escaped the Headless Paperboy!

Slumping against the wall, he rested, sucking in deep breaths. He never wanted to come that close to losing his head again.

His heart began to slow.

A buoy clanged in the distance and he shivered.

Waves sloshed against the docks across the street.

Then a hand touched his shoulder!

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