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Welcome to the official web site of Fictionwise #1 Best-Selling and Eppie nominated Maine author Howard Hopkins. Howard writes horror stories and children's horror novels under his own name in the tradition of Stephen King and Dean Koontz and western books under the pseudonym Lance Howard. Check back often for the latest news in Howard's writing, as well as giveaways, story downloads and more.

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From the dusty streets of the Frontier to the fog-shrouded alleys of Dark Harbor, Maine, Howard's riveting prose and true-life characters capture readers' imaginations from page one and never let go.

Discover the writer calls "the classic Horror writer to watch out for!"

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Grimm horror book cover

In paperback, Nook & Kindle!
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" Recommended Horror" on Kindle!

Scream goodbye...

The world has turned into a nightmare for Detective Sergeant Arlo Grimm. When he refuses to accept the death of his youngest son in a botched drug bust, his investigation plunges him into a world of the supernatural, deep-buried conspiracies and horrors he never believed existed. Teamed with a wayward exotic dancer named Chloe, Arlo finds himself forced to accept truths he has spent his entire life denying and struggling to survive against a coven of ageless witches determined to resurrect a demon...

*EPPIE nominated *       * Fictionwise #1 Bestseller*

My name is Chloe Everson. My mission is just beginning. I kick demon ass...

Ass-kicking demon hunter and exotic dancer Chloe Everson is finding the streets of New Salem, Maine, a little crowded with the supernatural -- the ghost of her vanished sister, a plague-spreading demon, an undead ripper bent on revenge, zombies and witches, and a six-hundred-year-old monkey with an attitude, all making her life a waking nightmare. But it's all in a day's work for Chloe as she draws ever-closer to her destiny -- one that will reveal startling secrets about herself and her dark legacy...

Kindle Edition Cover

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From Amazon: The Chloe Files #1: Ashes to Ashes

Now in Kindle and Nook formats...

Welcome to New Salem...The dead are waiting...

The Chloe Files #1: Ashes to Ashes

A silver locket said to have belonged to Joan of Arc and a children's nursery rhyme...

A 600-year-old monkey with an attitude and a mysterious supernatural symbol on a Caller ID box...

A deadly plague reemerging in the seaside town of New Salem, Maine, and the manifestation of a little girl's ghost...

How do these tie in with the sudden disappearance of Chloe's fiancé, Detective Sergeant Arlo Grimm, while on a routine search for a lead to her twin sister, who vanished thirty years earlier?

When the answer points to an Evil she'd thought vanquished Chloe knows she's in over her pretty blonde head and this time she'll have nothing to rely on except her own wits and courage. But will that be enough to save her and the life of the man she loves?

"Like Ghost Whisperer on steroids..."
--Margaret Marr
Nights & Weekends Reviews

Kindle Edition Cover

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From Amazon: The Chloe Files #2: Sliver of Darkness

Now in Kindle and Nook formats...

Waking up in black and white can be a bitch...

The Chloe Files #2: Sliver of Darkness

Who knows what crimes cripple the minds of the guilty?

Brant Lamont’s acting career was on a downhill slide, then one night after a performance he vanished. Was he dead? Alive? Forty years later still no one knows what became of the mercurial actor…or the rising starlet who’d become his mistress. It was as if they’d both walked off the face of the earth.

Until Chloe Everson’s world flashes to a bizarre black and white and the specter of one of Lamont’s characters, the Sliver of Darkness, visits her in the dead of the night.

But ghostly visitations aren’t Chloe’s only dilemma, because the New Salem Ripper is stalking the waterfront, butchering prostitutes and young strippers, moving ever closer to an encounter with the object of his obsession…

Chloe herself…

Includes the bonus Chloe ghost story: The Trouble with Flappers

My Name is Chloe Everson. I was just a girl trying to make a living and in my spare time search for my lost sister. But I stumbled onto something...horrifying, something unearthly. Now I have no choice but to fight . Evil wants me. But I wont let it win. I'll kick its demon at a time...

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Howard's Dark Bits Blog: Thoughts and humor on writing, life, books, monkeys and Pop Tarts, oh, my!
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Howard Hopkins/Lance Howard Westerns

The Avenger Chronicles now available, The Spider graphic novels and comics from Moonstone now available...The Chloe Files #2: Sliver of Darkness, The Nightmare Club #2 & #3--The Deadly Dragon and The Willow Witch--now available...The Killing Kind by Lance Howard now available in hardcover from AmazonUK...The Green Hornet Chronicles now available...The Chloe Files #1 now available in Kindle and Nook Formats...

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Click link for Howard's Horror books page 

 In the tradition of Stephen King and Dean Koontz, these horror stories and horror books, dark fantasy and suspense, mystery and terror, vampires and ghosts, witches and werewolves, transport readers into the dark realms of the supernatural.

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Click link for Howard's Children's Horror books page

Grimm horror book cover

Renegade Salem witches seek to resurrect a demon...

Now in trade paperback, Nook & Kindle

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Night Demons horror book cover

In the darkest depths of the soul the Night Demons dwell...and devour...

Now in paperback, Nook & Kindle & i apps

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Noble: Buy
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Press: Buy

Night Demons Book Trailer

Dark Harbors horror book cover

29 stories of terror, dark love and fantasy. *Includes 3 bonus stories not in the ebook edition.

Now in trade paperback, Nook, Kindle & i apps

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From Amazon: Dark Harbors

The Dark Riders vampire western book cover

Vampire outlaws terrorize the Wild West...

Now in paperback, Nook & Kindle

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From Amazon: The Dark Riders

Pistolero western book cover

A ripper stalks the Wild West...

Now in paperback, Nook & Kindle & i applications

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& Noble: Buy
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Press: Buy
From Amazon: Pistolero

The Nightmare Club children's horror book cover

A band of misfit kids solve
supernatural mysteries (ages 8+)

Now in paperback, Kindle & Nook & i apps

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From Amazon: The Nightmare Club: #1 The Headless Paperboy (The Nightmare Club)

The ghost of the Dragon Boy haunts New Salem...

New in trade paperback, Kindle & Nook
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From Amazon: The Nightmare Club #2: The Deadly Dragon

Children's Horror books page

The Willow Witch terrorizes the the children of New Salem...

New in trade paperback, Kindle & Nook
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From Amazon: The Nightmare Club #3: The Willow Witch

Children's Horror books

Chloe files #1 Horror book cover

Chole's a gal in trouble--the supernatural kind...

Now in trade paperback, Nook & Kindle
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From Amazon: The Chloe Files #1: Ashes to Ashes

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The Latest News

Howard's Lone Ranger novel, The Lone Ranger: Vendetta, is now available for preorder on Amazon. In paperback, $4.99.

Howard has signed to write a brand new novella based on the 1950s noir crime radio show Nightbeat for Radio Archives. To be released next spring, this is a four-story anthology that also includes authors Bobby Nash and Tommy Hancock.

All Howard's horror books are now availabe in Kindle, Nook, paperback and ibook formats.

The Avenger Chronicles, co-edited by Howard, is now available with his story "Vengeance, Inc." and three extra vignettes (focusing on The Avenger's aides Nellie, Mac & Cole) in the special edition hardcover.

The Green Hornet Casebook is now available, which includes Howard's short story "Sting of the Yellowjacket."

Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook, edited by Howard and including his Holmes/Calamity Jane tale "The Haunted Manor," now set for release Dec. 2011.

Howard is now editing the new Honey West short story anthology for Moonstone and writing a story for the book.

Howard is writing stories for The Lone Ranger Chronicles, and The third Avenger & Green Hornet short story anthologies.

The Ghost Detective Returns in "Ghost of a Chance," a short story written by Howard for volume 2 of Beat to a Pulp, scheduled for early Winter 2012.

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Please stop by Howard's Art Gallery and take a look around. Howard is available to create designer ebook covers, bookmarks, promo cards and more at a price to meet your budget. Visit the gallery today.

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